05/10/2018 09:53 BST

The Chattering Souls: Little Girl's Chef Ghost Story Is A Literal Masterpiece

Someone give this kid a book deal 😂👏

FOTOKITA via Getty Images

A little girl’s story about ghosts stirring (in more ways than one) has captured hearts with its incredibly literal intro.

Proud mum Jo Boyle, who works at Waterstones in Salisbury, took to Twitter to say: “My daughter has started a story and ‘Rebecca’ no longer has the greatest opening lines in literature.” Honestly, you’re not ready for this.

Her daughter’s piece, brilliantly titled ‘The Chattering Souls’, reads: “As the day becomes night, the ghosts start to stir. Some littrely start to stir, because they are chef ghosts [sic].”

Nobody saw that one coming. 

Her tweet has received tens of thousands of likes, with what appears to be a book offer and someone asking for TV and film rights (we think they’re joking, but you never know!).

Other parents have also started sharing their children’s stories - and we’re definitely now excited for the next generation of novelists.

The chocolate dog is a sorrowful tale (or should we say, tail) about a dog made of chocolate who goes to a dog show and melts because it’s a sunny day. Absolute devastation all around. The story’s author is six.

Then there was the story about Dave the T-rex from another six-year-old... Dave is a fierce fighter who likes eating meat and funnily enough he also turned out to be the strongest dinosaur in the family, ‘ovcors’.

Needless to say these wonderfully creative tales have made all of the adults on Twitter feel utterly inadequate.

And equally intrigued as to what happens next...

Watch this space.