Kids Get Dads Back With #CheerioRevenge By Tipping Cereal Over Their Father's Faces

Isn't parenting great sometimes?

With a little help from their mums, kids are taking the #CheerioChallenge to the next level by getting revenge on their dads.

The social media trend started earlier this month, with dads seeing how many Cheerios they could stack on their sleeping babies.

But now it's the kids turn.

Using the hashtag #CheerioRevenge, mums are posting pictures of their kids' handiwork to make sure the dads don't miss out on all the fun.

Here are some of the best revenge snaps on social media.

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A photo posted by Life of Mom (@lifeofmomshow) on

Evelynn, I don't this is how you play the #cheeriochallenge. #cheeriorevenge

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