Cheese Wheels, Pumpkins, Papayas: The Best Words For Breasts From Around The World

Well, they're certainly inventive.
Jena Ardell via Getty Images

Buckle up – here’s what breasts are called around the world.

Whether it’s the endearing nicknames we use to describe our own or how we’d describe our partners’ – there are countless names given to describe breasts.

Using a mixture of research and survey data, lingerie experts Pour Moi has revealed the global words used to describe breasts, as well as the slang most used in the UK and which ones are giving the nation the ‘ick’ the most.

Their research has revealed that worldwide slang words vary vastly, with memorable translations including ‘steering wheels’ in Sweden, ‘balloons’ in Poland, ‘pacifiers’ in Portugal and ‘cauldrons’ in Cyprus.

There are a number of countries that take inspiration from animal names, such as ‘goats’ in the Czech Republic, ‘pugs’ in Germany and ‘puppies’ in Latvia.

In Europe, there were plenty of interesting slang words including ‘pumpkins’ in Belgium, ‘mounds of earth’ in Bosnia and Herzegovina and ‘cheese wheels’ in Switzerland.

Whereas in Asia, food-related terms were a popular way to describe breasts, with ‘papaya’, ‘fried eggs’ and ‘peaches’ favoured slang words in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

However it’s not just Asia where we see food-related nicknames, in Mexico they use the term ‘pork rinds’, in Uruguay ‘melons’ is used and in Lithuania they use the word ‘dumplings’.

More unusual objects used to describe breasts were found to be ‘stones’ in Denmark, ‘dice’ in Azerbaijan, ‘bowls’ in Italy and ‘pots’ in Austria.

And prepare for your toes to curl, as Pour Moi also had a look at the words for breasts that give us the biggest ick here in the UK.

Topping the list for ickiest names for boobs is ‘milk monsters’, with one in five (20%) people saying it’s an off-putting term for describing breasts. Following this is ‘spaniel ears’ (19%) and ‘honker honkers’ (19%), with people saying these slang words are some of the most cringey ways to refer to boobs. Rounding off the top five, were ‘breasticles’ (18%) and ‘dog ears’ (18%).

The Top Ten Slang Words Giving Us The Ick The Most (based on % of population that find the word cringe)

  1. Milk Monsters (20%)

  2. Spaniel Ears (19%)

  3. Honker Honkers (19%)

  4. Breasticles (18%)

  5. Dog Ears (18%)

  6. Fried Eggs (17%)

  7. Nunga Nungas (17%)

  8. Bazookas (16%)

  9. The Mitchell Brothers (16%)

  10. Fun Bags (16%)

We’ll take papayas any day of the week, thanks.