Cher Shares Her Truly Iconic Reason As To Why She's Never Been Heartbroken

You cannot fault this woman's confidence.
The one and only Cher appears on Chicken Shop Date
The one and only Cher appears on Chicken Shop Date
Amelia Dimoldenberg/YouTube

Cher: pop icon, Oscar-winner and now, relationship guru. As if we couldn’t love her any more, the 77-year-old made a recent appearance on the Amelia Dimoldenberg-fronted Chicken Shop Date (which was not on my 2023 bingo card).

Cher – who was witty and wonderful as always – discussed conspiracy theories, turning down Elvis Presley and her new partner, music executive Alexander Edwards.

The couple apparently began dating after meeting at Paris Fashion Week last year, during which time a friend gave Edwards her number after they spoke “for about 15 minutes.” Cher, who is famously very open about her life on social media, confirmed their romance on X on 3 November 2022.

Previously, the singer-actor has had two high profile marriages to entertainer and politician Sonny Bono (1964-1975), and musician Gregg Allman (1975-1979). She’s also been linked to everyone from Tom Cruise to Gene Simmons!

Dimoldenberg herself has also been involved in some high profile dalliances. She dated rapper Aitch back in 2022, and in that same year, her flirty banter on the red carpet of the GQ Men of the Year Awards with Andrew Garfield caused fans to raise an eyebrow and question whether there was anything more to their scintillating chemistry.

Dimoldenberg used her precious time with the icon to quiz her on finding love, which is sort of a standard for Chicken Shop Date.

And, as ever, Cher had many pearls of wisdom for us lowly (single) mortals. While quizzing her guest on her relationships, Dimoldenberg asked Cher “do you have any tips for getting over a broken heart?”

The Believe singer replied, “I haven’t had my heart broken very many times... almost none”, which prompted Dimoldenberg to ask what her secret is. “I’m cute”, quipped Cher with a cheeky shrug of her shoulders. I mean, one thing you can’t fault this woman on is her confidence!


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