Woman Commutes In Face Mask, Terrifies Onlookers

It's all in the name of beauty.

A woman wearing a black sheet mask has been confusing - and scaring - fellow passengers on her morning commute to work.

Why? Because she doesn't have enough time to complete her beauty routine at night. We've all be there.

Known as the 'maskwoman', but identified as Joey from Ningbo, east China, the skincare fan has been spotted wearing the face mask every day for a week.

Photos of her have been widely shared on social media and now video footage (above) has been captured for the first time.

In the short clip, Joey appears to be asleep while a woman next to her is heard saying: "It's absolutely terrifying. Tomb sweeping festival has just gone, why are you applying the face mask here?

"It's too terrifying. What is going on?" she asks, before quickly moving away.

According to People's Daily Online, Joey told reporters she is currently working longer hours in order to get more days off for her upcoming honeymoon.

However, her busy schedule is taking its toll on her skin - hence the face masks in the run up to her big day. Whatever works.