03/01/2017 12:25 GMT

Chocolate-Infused Gin Exists To Ruin Your 'Dry January' Plans

Our self-control is about to take a punishing.

Excited to dive headfirst into ‘Dry January’? You probably won’t be after reading this. 

Belgian chocolatier Xolato has created cocoa-infused gin in what is enough to scupper any plans of remaining teetotal this month.

The gin, called ‘X-Gin’, has been infused with cocoa beans, hazelnuts, almonds, chilli peppers and vanilla pods.

The company behind it claims it as an ‘aphrodisiac’, based on the premise that the Incas and Mayans used a secret recipe containing cocoa as an aphrodisiac back in the day. 

The gin, which costs €48 (roughly £41), contains juniper berry and 15 herbs. 

“Its pure and soft aromas provoke an intense feeling of pleasure,” reads the website.  

*Puts Dry Jan plans on hold*