new year new you

Living with a chronic condition has made me realise how harmful the mantra is, writes Robin Hatcher.
I kept my new year's resolution and slimmed down in 2019 but it didn't solve my problems, writes Alycia Arbuthnot.
As we all get ready to commit to our New Year’s resolutions, it’s worth knowing how and why our habits form. While we all start the new year with good intentions and gym memberships, we often overestimate how easy we think it will be to form new habits or break old ones. From the 21-day rule to why we prefer eating chips to hitting the gym, the Rundown does the research to get you ready for your new year, new you.
Whether you resolve to feel more sexy, adventurous, rested, organised, healthy, successful, safe, loved… when you know how you want to feel, you’ll know what you need to do to get there
The primal brain doesn’t engage in rational thought or understanding. It doesn’t goal set, or process complex issues. Food is not a luxury, it’s a necessity and ultimately what keeps us alive.
We need something simple that we can all do, that helps us navigate through the inevitable ups and downs of life over the coming 12 months, while staying focused on the things that matter most.