Chocolate Orange Viennetta Is Here To Make Your Christmas Dreams Come True

Praise be.

Prepare for nostalgia overload. A limited edition version of Viennetta – AKA the ice cream of childhood dreams – has been released to knock your woolly socks off this Christmas.

Asda is now selling a chocolate and orange Viennetta (the ultimate flavour pairing, in our honest opinion) for £2.

The ice cream is chocolate and orange-flavoured, wedged between crisp chocolate layers – and, to be quite frank, it sounds utterly splendiferous.

Asda / HuffPost UK

For those too young to appreciate the classic, or for the uninitiated, Viennetta is basically a dessert version of lasagne. Layers of soft ice cream (think Mr Whippy) are intercepted by thin pieces of chocolate which snap perfectly when you plough your spoon into them.

The classic flavours are: original, vanilla ice cream mixed with chocolate layers, and mint, which (shocker) consists of mint-flavoured ice cream among crisp chocolate layers.

The idea of creating a gateau made of ice cream and chocolate layers was developed in 1981 by Kevin Hillman, a product development manager at Wall’s Ice Cream.

It was registered as a unique design and Viennetta was launched as a Christmas speciality in 1982, where it’s been delighting the nation ever since.

We can’t wait to dig our spoons into this year’s festive classic.