07/05/2018 11:40 BST

Chris Hughes Claims He's Now 'Good Friends' With Katie Price Despite Vicious Feud

Just months ago, he'd called her 'rotten' and 'washed up'.

Former Love Islander Chris Hughes has claimed he is now “good friends” with Katie Price - just months after branding her a “rotten piece of shit” in a vicious feud.

The pair were locked in a very public war of words last year, when Chris claimed Katie had sent him a string of flirty messages, which escalated even further when the ‘Loose Women’ star said she had screenshots of replies from him. 

But after deciding to bury the hatchet back in March, it seems the pair have actually salvaged a friendship out of all of the drama. 

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Chris Hughes

Addressing the matter during an appearance on TalkRadio, Chris said: “I’m good friends with Katie now, I really like her. We’ve met at a couple of charity football matches and ‘Loose Women’.

“Between me and her we know what’s gone on. Yeah [she lied] but she’s a nice person. When there’s not cameras there she’s a very lovely lady, she’s a nice person.”

The pair’s war of words began when Chris alleged Katie had sent him a number of flirty messages last year - something that she denied at the time

After Chris published some of them online, Katie then claimed she had “51 screenshots” of messages he had sent her in response, despite being in a relationship with then-girlfriend Olivia Attwood

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Katie Price

By way of respone, he said in a furious open letter: “Katie Price you’re a piece of rotten shit. 

“I couldn’t give a fuck about you. Be a mother, be something respectful for everyone’s sake.

“I showed your true colours, you couldn’t live with it. You have 52 screenshots on Snapshchat since I humiliated you? Comical.

“I’ve got my whole account history from Snapchat and media lawyer will fuck you up. No one deserves your shit, and I ain’t one to take it. You fuck lives. You have MY number, you can see I haven’t sent you shit. You’re washed up and you stink.”

Katie is yet to comment on her new-found friendship with Chris, who she openly admitted to fancing during his appearance on ‘Love Island’ last summer. 

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