09/09/2019 09:56 BST

Chrissy Teigen Gives Trump NSFW Nickname After Latest Presidential Meltdown

The president's attack on the model and her husband, singer John Legend, didn't go very well.

President Donald Trump paused his feuds with Will And Grace actor Debra Messing, former FBI director James Comey and the National Weather Service on Sunday night to attack singer John Legend and model/cookbook author Chrissy Teigen

John appeared on MSNBC to talk about criminal justice reform and ending mass incarceration.

In response, Trump posted a tweet claiming to support reform and attacked the singer for not backing his plan last year. Then, the president took a shot at the EGOT winner’s wife, Chrissy, but without using her name:

It wasn’t lost on Chrissy that Trump tagged John in his tweet, but not her. And she let him have it: 

Minutes later, John also fired back:

Chrissy has been a constant critic of Trump and his policies, to the point of being blocked by him on Twitter.

She and John began trending almost immediately after Trump’s attack. But the couple tried to get another term trending instead:

The president’s critics were only too happy to play along, even if the NSFW nature of the nickname made it unlikely to trend: