12 Tweets That Prove Chrissy Teigen Is The Most Relatable Celebrity Mum

'There is absolutely no way labour is harder than installing a car seat.'

Model Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend had their first daughter Luna back in April and are already giving us all the family goals.

Not only is Luna adorable but Teigen is a completely relatable mum.

Mainly because she has stretch marks, wants to eat all the carbohydrates and get some damn sleep too.

1. Pregnancy

2. Giving Birth

3. Post Baby Body

4. Getting Back To Your Old Self

5. Breastfeeding

6. Sleeping

7. Please God Let Us Sleep

8. The Day After No Sleep

9. No More Netflix

10. Or Music You Actually Enjoy

11. Your Daily Schedule

12. Life Really Has Changed Forever