Chrissy Teigen Gives Fans A Glimpse Of Her Natural Hair And We Want More

Homegirl always slays.

Our homegirl Chrissy Teigen has slain us with a glimpse of her natural hair.

Teigen snapped moments of her family trip to Venice featuring an adorable turban with wisps of her natural hair on show.

This was not only refreshing, but charmingly candid.

Teigen often sports long honey-coloured tresses at events as well on the daily, so fans were pleased to see a rare photo of her natural curls.

Her doll face and Bond girl style are staples of Hollywood’s It Girl tribe, but when it comes to beauty and style Teigen is always ahead of the curve.

Naturally, fans were bursting with praise when the fierce mother of baby Luna shared photos of her naturally curly hair on Instagram.

“This is my favourite picture of you,” one commented.

“So relaxed. So fierce. So real,” added another.

In this age of social media double lives, being ‘real’ is considered high praise.

Tiegen has been known to challenge the secrecy around wearing hair extensions - or any fakeness, for that matter - in Hollywood.

“I don’t know why people want to pretend that they have this natural, full hair,” Teigen told Refinery 29.

“I’ve just never cared about it for some reason… it’s just so silly to me.”

We agree and this post featuring all of Tiegen’s hair might be too real for some, but we love it.

Another doting fan relished in finding common ground with the icon.

“Is that your real hair? It’s exactly like mine,” they commented, followed by a heart emoji.

There was also some camaraderie from the Afro hair community with a lady writing that she was “digging” Teigen’s hair and adding “Sis” for good measure.

Suddenly Teigen is not just a biracial woman of Norwegian and Thai descent, but the poster girl for all queen-like otherness.

This naturalista look was even a-buzz among the French-speaking community.

In one of the three beautiful photos shared by Teigen, a debate over whether or not the ’do was a wig ensued.

Translated, one woman said it was “clearly not a wig, not possible.” While another exclaimed “Does this mean her hair is frizzy, like mine?!”

There you go stealing our hearts once more, Tiegs.


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