‘Call The Midwife’ Wins Christmas Day Ratings Battle As Channel 4 Logs Highest Festive Figures Ever

Four of the top five shows were aired on the BBC.

‘Call The Midwife’ has been declared winner of the Christmas Day ratings battle, following the release of consolidated viewing figures.

While Boxing Day’s numbers suggested ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ was the most-watched show, the consolidated numbers - which take into account everyone who tuned in on a +1 service or catch-up as well as live viewers - reveal 9.6 million watched the period drama.

'Call The Midwife' also came out on top in 2016
'Call The Midwife' also came out on top in 2016
BBC/Neal Street Productions/Nicky Johnston

‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ was pushed into second place in the final listings, with an equally impressive 9 million watching, while the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Christmas special was watched by 8.3 million fans.

In fourth place was ‘EastEnders’ (8.1 million) and the hotly-anticipated ‘Doctor Who’ regeneration episode pulled in 7.9 million.

The only non-BBC show to break into the top five was ‘Coronation Street’, with 7 million soap fans tuning in.

While none of Channel 4’s shows managed to make the list, their first ever ‘Great British Bake Off’ festive special helped the broadcaster achieve their highest Christmas Day ratings since the current system of measuring them was introduced, according to The Sun.

Speaking ahead of this year’s festive special, ‘Call The Midwife’ star Jennifer Kirby told HuffPost UK why she thinks the show strikes a chord with so many viewers.

“It’s so emotionally sensitive and also doesn’t shy away from the hard-hitting things as well, it has that perfect balance,” she said. “And also we have acting royalty, the older actresses are complete legends.

“There’s that added thing of classy, really well-made drama, brilliantly acted so I think that’s a reason too.”

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