The Best Homemade Christmas Crafts To Make With Kids

Time to get (a bit) messy 🙌

Christmas is the perfect time to get crafty – not only because it’s a great festive activity that doesn’t have to cost a lot, but also because you can use your creations to deck the hall, indeed any room in the house, and feel even merrier.

Of course, the drawback of getting crafty at home with kids is the mess and potential tantrums it can cause, which is why you want to make things that are easy(ish) and actually enjoyable.

We spoke to parenting craft bloggers to find out how they get crafty this season – and here are our favourites.

Tissue Paper Wreath


An easy craft to make and loads of fun for kids, says Michelle Ordever, from London, who blogs at Purple Pumpkin. All you need is a paper plate, green and red tissue paper, and some red ribbon. You’ll also need crafting supply staples, such as scissors, PVA glue and a glue applicator (brush or sponge).

“Let the kids go nuts, scrunching up lots of pieces of green tissue paper for the “leaves”, while you roll up some red tissue paper into “berries”,” explains Ordever. “Then using the pic as a guide, start gluing everything in place. It helps to tie the ribbon first so you can hang up the finished tissue paper wreath.”

Sensory Baubles


We love these sensory baubles – the brainchild of Danielle Duggins, who runs the blog Someone’s Mum. Duggins wanted to create something that would be a sensory experience for her son - both during and after the crafting.

You can buy packs of clear baubles online for under a tenner and Duggins says any materials can be used to fill and decorate, suggesting: painted pasta shapes, rice, pipe cleaners, pom poms, beads, glittery card, paint, glitter, and sequins. “If an object is safe, will be preserved enough to last the Christmas season, and can fit in the bauble, you can use it to decorate them,” she says. “As my son loves sensory activities, I made sure we had a range of textures and colours.”

Reindeer Pinecones


How adorable are these? Kerry Dawson, who blogs at Blissful Domestication, loves making her own Christmas tree decorations with her kids each year – and this is one of our favourites. “This craft is so simple, kids of all ages can get involved,” she says. “I love that this uses something from nature that can be simply turned into a festive ornament to be enjoyed for years.”

Go out and grab some pinecones, and you’ll also need some ribbon, a red pom pom, googly eyes and glue. You’ll also need pipe cleaners to make the antlers to complete the look.

Buttoned Lollipop Stick Snowflakes


Have fun with lollipop sticks by creating stars and snowflakes you can hang on your Christmas tree. For this you’ll need lollipop sticks, buttons, paint (or felt tip pens), and pom poms – oh, and glue to stick it all together.

Jennifer Jain, from Worthing, who blogs at Jennifer’s Little World, says they’re easy to make with young children. First assemble your lollipop sticks into the shape of your design and glue together, then leave to dry. Then coat the sticks with glue and add your embellishments. When the glue has dried, add some coloured string or ribbon to hang the decoration.

We’d love to see your creations! If you’re doing crafty festive sessions with your kids this season, send in your pics to