20/12/2017 13:23 GMT | Updated 20/12/2017 14:24 GMT

Theresa May Could Stuff Her Christmas Goose And Call It Boris, Says Labour MP In PMQs Joke

'Twas the PMQs before Christmas and MPs have been getting carried away.

Theresa May leaned on her Chancellor for a PMQs retort today after an MP suggested she stuff her Christmas goose and call it “Michael or Boris”. 

Labour MP Clive Efford raised a laugh with the festive jibe during PMQs in the House of Commons, telling the Prime Minister that to “get the maximum pleasure” from preparing her Christmas bird for roasting she could name it after Michael Gove or Boris Johnson.  

Theresa May during PMQs
Theresa May during PMQs

As she got to her feet to say she will “resist the temptation” to name the goose after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Philip Hammond could be heard on a House of Commons mic saying to his boss: “Say you’ll call it Jeremy.”

Efford told MPs: “Last year, the Prime Minister told the Radio Times that on Christmas Day she likes to prepare and cook her own goose. 

“In the spirit of Christmas, can I suggest to her that in order to extract the maximum pleasure from the messy job of stuffing her goose that she calls it either Michael or Boris.” 

Labour MP Clive Efford

It comes after a year in which the two Brexiteer ministers Gove and Johnson were said to be a loggerheads with the PM over how the UK exits the EU. 

“I’m sure the PM has got better taste than that,” Speaker John Bercow interjected.

The PM said: “Can I say to the right honourable gentleman that I’ll be having to resist the temptation to call it Jeremy.”