It's Christmas Quiz Time: How Well Do You Know Festive Songs By Mariah Carey, Band Aid And More..?

Put your Christmas music knowledge to the test.

The Christmas season is truly upon us. Starbucks has broken out its red cups, people around the country are shaking their heads at their local shopping centre’s decorative efforts and Mariah Carey is getting ready to treat herself to a new pair of shoes once those All I Want For Christmas Is You royalties start rolling in.

Yep, everyone’s favourite festive tunes are suddenly everywhere, from Merry Christmas Everybody to Last Christmas, with a bit of Step Into Christmas and I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday thrown in for good measure.

But while we’re used to hearing the same old songs year in, year out, how well do we actually know them?

To put your festive music knowledge to the test, see if you can recognise which Christmas songs these sample lyrics are taken from…


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