Christmas Work Party Bingo (For Those Of Us Who Really Miss The Chaos)

Snogging, selfies, karaoke, a real fight! How many have you ticked off your Christmas list in your time?
The two in the middle are definitely going to kiss.
Anastasiia Krivenok via Getty Images
The two in the middle are definitely going to kiss.

Rejoice, for the Work Christmas Party is back. Maybe. Okay, for some of us. And we’ve missed it loads. Things may be getting bad Covid-wise as, once again, we’re glued to press conferences to see what’s happening with the whole Christmas thing. But so far, no one’s made the office party illegal. So, yay.

Yes, government officials can’t quite agree on whether we should go or not – and advising us to avoid kissing strangers under the mistletoe if we do.

But what is a festive party without any snogging? (And let’s not forget that some government officials are partial to a Chrimbo party themselves. Not to mention an illicit snog).

Whether it’s colleagues who’ve been making eyes at each other in the office for weeks leading up to the big event, or just those who happened to be, well, standing next to each other, a cheeky pash between co-workers is all part of the fun.

But work and pensions secretary, Thérèse Coffey, has said no more of that please. “I don’t think there should be much snogging under the mistletoe,” she told ITV’s Peston programme.“You don’t need to do things like that. But I think we should all be trying to enjoy the Christmas ahead of us.”

Which has got us thinking, what else do we love (or hate) or love to hate about the annual work do shindig? Enjoy our little game of Christmas party bingo – how many of these have you seen or partaken in during Christmases past?

1) People snogging/hooking up

As mentioned above, this is just a festive staple. Somewhere very near you, two colleagues are making out.

2) Colleagues making good use of the free booze (perhaps a bit too much)

Who doesn’t love an open bar, on the company’s dime? This is the time to make up for all those extra hours and early starts. Grab that first glass of fizz when you head in the door, then another and another. But, err, maybe don’t overdo it. Your bosses are still around, after all.

3) Shit canapes. And making sure you get them

It’s not our first rodeo, we know we have to get some food down us before the heavy drinking commences, so chasing those tiny salmon crostinis and pigs in blankets will do. It’s all about getting yourself in sight line of the kitchen.

4) Karaoke

Who doesn't love a bit of Spice Girls?
eyesfoto via Getty Images
Who doesn't love a bit of Spice Girls?

If there’s a live band or karaoke machine, then someone is going to get up there and do their rendition of Spice Girls and/or Backstreet Boys. It has to happen, so you might as well relent and give in.

5) Being forced to dance (or doing the forcing)

Alcohol certainly lowers one’s inhibitions and maybe it’s a good thing when it comes to the dance floor. Some people will be tearing it up while others will be doing big fish, little fish, cardboard box. And we’ll all have a good time.

6) Selfies or a rush to the photo booth in silly hats

If you didn’t take selfies, did it really happen? And if your office heads have done the good thing and paid for a photo booth, then you best get in line – the silly hats and comically large moustaches aren’t going to wear themselves.

7) A fight

Free booze and a closed environment with lots of different people – someone is bound to step on someone else’s foot, both figuratively and literally. And so it’s no surprise if a shouting match or quiet bitching session starts to take place.

8) Seeing a colleague completely come out of their shell

We love the office party when it allows us to see a looser, more fun side to the people we spend most of the year with.

Just dancing the night away with the bosses.
skynesher via Getty Images
Just dancing the night away with the bosses.

9) Someone saying something they really shouldn’t

See point seven. Full on free bubbly with our closest work pals, it’s easy to let something slip, whether you were supposed to or not.

10) Bonding in the ladies loos over makeup

This is already a huge perk for many women on an average night out and the work party is no exception. There’s no bonding like sharing a spritz of perfume in the loo or a pair of straighteners if you’re getting ready in the office.

11) Drugs

Also toilet based. No comment. But it happens.

12) Saying you’re leaving, then staying till the very end

Oh no, you really have to go? No, just stay for another, and another, and then one more for the road. Before you know it, it’s 3am and the party is over.

13) Gossip the next day

And lastly, arguably the best part, gossiping about all the shenanigans of the night before, mostly about who hooked up with whom. It’s the only thing that gets us through the almightly hangover.