8 TikTok Christmas Wrapping Hacks You Really Need This Week

Wrapping presents isn't as difficult as you think. Not even the awkward shapes.
Elena Noviello via Getty Images

It’s the final stretch before Christmas. We’ve bought our presents (well, most of them), we’ve set up the tree and the Christmas music has been on 24/7. But there’s probably one thing we haven’t started doing: wrapping Christmas presents.

If you’re like me, Christmas wrapping is the task you’ll leave until the last minute. Unless you’re a creative whiz, wrapping gifts can feel like a lot of effort. Who knew it would be so difficult to cut, sellotape and wrap neat packages?

Luckily, we’ve got the world of TikTok to help us out. From tips for unique shapes to the wrapping paper mistakes you need to know, read this before you start fighting with the sellotape.

Beginner’s guide to wrapping Christmas presents

If you’ve never wrapped a Christmas present or fail at it every time, @jessicahaizman’s videos are a great place to start. She suggests avoiding creases and pulling tight! You want to start off measuring the width of the paper to make sure you have enough to wrap it. Once you’ve measured the paper, pull the paper in tight and sellotape it. For the sides, use your thumbs to push the middle in and make creases at the top and the bottom, then secure it with tape.

Wrapping oddly-shaped gifts

Presents like toys and balls are a little bit more difficult to wrap. It’s easy to put some wrapping paper over a basketball, but you don’t want to give the shape of the item away. User @lindsayroggenbuck says we shouldn’t wrap the paper around the item but we should fold the paper into thirds instead. After you fold the wrapping paper into thirds, fold the bottom of the tape to create a diamond and place the item inside. Then, fold the top of the paper and or use a hole puncher to punch two holes of the paper. Finally, put two ribbons inside for a classy finish.

Wrapping paper mistakes

Cut too much wrapping paper off? Not to worry, @lindsayroggenbuck has another hack for this too. Instead of using another batch of wrapping paper, simply turn your gift diagonally, pull in the sides from the middle and wrap the present. @cedar.knot flips her presents on her wrapping paper to ensure she has enough to start with.

@cedar.knot Always have too much or to little wrapping paper ? This is a great way to measure so you don’t have to much waste ! #diywrappingpaper #giftwrappinginspiration #giftwrappingproblems #christmasgiftwrappingchallenge ♬ IT'S THE HOLIDAYS - Rory Sullivan

Unique wrapping ideas

You don’t have to stick to the traditional ways of wrapping Christmas gifts. There are so many alternatives, including this idea by @lizluxehome, which turns simple wrapping into a present bag.

Alternatively, this is for the advanced Christmas wrappers! It might take some practice, but this method by mama_mila creates beautiful layered wrapping.