Sir Cliff Richard Makes Unfortunate 'Insemination' Slip-Up And Leaves Everyone Stunned

"Oh dear."
Sir Cliff Richard pictured during his recent interview on BBC Breakfast
Sir Cliff Richard pictured during his recent interview on BBC Breakfast

Sir Cliff Richard wrapped up his recent interview with BBC Breakfast with a comment about “artificial insemination” that we don’t think anyone could have predicted.

During a wide-ranging interview with presenter Charlie Stayt, the iconic crooner said that, despite celebrating his 83rd birthday two weeks ago, he has no plans to slow down or use AI tech to boost his vocal performance.

You can probably see where this is going, can’t you?

Fortunately I can still sing and that’s the main thing and I don’t need AI for help,” Sir Cliff insisted.

At the end of the interview, which aired on Monday, Charlie asked his guest if he’d mind doing an impromptu performance there and then, which the singer was more than happy to oblige.

“And I didn’t use artificial insemination,” Sir Cliff added at the end of his acapella performance, before quickly realising his unfortunate blunder.

Sharing a laugh with the crooner, Charlie replied: “That is the best line of all.”

And clearly he wasn’t the only one who thought so…

“That is a whole different ball game,” the host added after Sir Cliff’s slip of the tongue, while the former Eurovision star said simply: “Oh dear.”

Watch the faux pas play out for yourself in the clip below:

To coincide with his 65th year of performing, Sir Cliff is heading out on a live tour of venues around the UK from next month.

He’s also about to release a new collection of reimagined orchestral versions of his classic hits, titled Cliff With Strings – My Kinda Life.


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