31/10/2018 13:40 GMT | Updated 31/10/2018 13:47 GMT

Clipper Is Launching A Plastic-Free Tea Bag Made From Bananas (Sort Of)

The biodegradable bags are already in production 🍌

Most of us love a cuppa, but how many know that most tea bags contain small amounts of plastic?

In a bid to tackle this, Clipper has ditched plastic from its tea bags and replaced it with a material derived from a species of banana plant.

The tea brand has switched to plastic-free, unbleached tea bag paper made from plant-based materials derived from abaca, which is a species of banana plant and is biodegradable. 

The new bags are in production now, though Clipper said there would be a “transition period” while shops sell through its current stock. 

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The company is not the first to roll out a plastic-free tea bag.

PG Tips and the Co-op also announced earlier this year they planned to switch to biodegradable bags by the end of 2018. 

The UK is a famed as a nation of tea drinkers we get through an estimated 60 billion cups of tea every year.  

However, most are non-recyclable and are contributing to the billions of tonnes of plastic that ends incinerated, in landfill, or polluting the oceans ever year.