plastic pollution

The proposal could bar the sale of plastic cutlery, plates and polystyrene cups.
Surfers Against Sewage have named and shamed the biggest culprits.
“Action Nan”, otherwise known as Pat Smith, is an environmental campaigner, combing the beaches of Cornwall with many other volunteers, cleaning up the plastics that have gone to waste. But she also tries to cut it off at the source by trying to encourage local businesses to stop their use.
The rise of single-use plastics to tackle the coronavirus is understandable, but as face masks become mandatory the decision over which type to have is becoming more important. Single use plastic is winding up in our oceans, but the pandemic is also allowing companies and governments to cover reversing on decisions and action that will help reduce our plastic waste.
We’re in danger of becoming obsessed with wet wipes, hand sanitisers and single-use plastic, writes Natalie Fee.
Penzance achieved "plastic free" accreditation in 2017. Since then, more than 100 other communities have done the same.
At MHA Stratton House, a care home for over-65s, residents have been doing their part to help the environment. From recycling hearing aid batteries, to growing their own vegetables, to making Ecobricks - bottles filled with waste plastic that be sent away to use as building material - the group are out to prove that you're never too old to make a difference.
If we keep going at this rate, it is estimated there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050.
Plastic cups, bags and gloves were found in the carcass which washed up on Luskentyre Beach near mainland Scotland.
Confronting my personal plastic footprint forced a hard realisation which has genuinely changed my life, and me realise it’s up to all of us to fight plastic pollution, writes Daniel Webb