05/01/2021 07:45 GMT

Flabbergasted CNN Fact-Checker Has Damning Theory About Trump's Brain

Daniel Dale said Trump is living in an “alternate universe” with his lies right now.

CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale said President Donald Trump’s speech in Georgia on Monday night seemed to come from an “alternate universe” given how many lies it contained. 

“The president is not even remotely connected to reality,” Dale told the news network’s Don Lemon. “Either he’s lying, his brain has been completely captured by internet weirdos or both.” 

But Dale said the most striking thing about Trump’s lie-filled speech in Georgia on Monday was that it was boring.

“Have you ever sat at a family gathering, or at a bar or on a date and had someone just talk your ear off ― complete nonsense ― for like an hour, and you feel like you can’t escape?” he said. “That’s all of us right now because that’s the president right now.”

Then he got to the work of debunking Trump’s myriad lies: