The motion comes a day before an appeals court is set to hear his immunity claims in another case.
The former president said Sidney Powell was "NEVER" his attorney, contradicting ... himself.
The move, if successful, could allow Trump to argue that his charges should be dropped by invoking immunity for federal officials.
The former president is trying to cash in on his most recent arrest.
It is "absurd" and a surefire way to “alienate” the judge, argued LaDoris Hazzard Cordell.
The group will also have a billboard in Times Square showing all 91 felony charges against the former president.
Social media couldn't help but notice a few... discrepancies in his description of himself.
A leading legal scholar in Georgia previews all the ways this trial could be delayed over the next year.
This is the first mug shot to be taken of a US president — and it's a first for Donald Trump as well, despite his being indicted three other times this year.