Rescue Cats Given Hilarious Personalities To Help Them Find New Homes

Gus just hates badminton.

An animal-loving comedian has created description tags for the cats in his local animal shelter to help rehome them.

Jeff Wysaski imagined a personality for each cat, listing their likes and dislikes, and left the tags outside the entrance to Sante D’Or Animal Rescue, Los Angeles, California.

The comedian was sure to make each description witty and personalised, in the hope that it would encourage people to adopt the kitties.

Image by Chris Winsor via Getty Images

“I gave these adoptable cats some interesting likes and dislikes,” Wysaski wrote on his Facebook page Obvious Plant. “All these cats are real and need a home!”

Gus the black and white cat loves cuddling with his human, however he’s not a fan of badminton which he refers to as “crappy tennis”.

Meanwhile Leche is a fan of “being social”, but he strongly dislikes “the growing wage gap between rich and poor that is slowly resulting in the decline of the middle class”.

Here’s a sample of Wysaski’s handiwork...

Obvious Plant