Comedian Steve Hofstetter Destroys 'Sexist' Heckler

"If you want to be a real man then respect the women in your life."

Stand-up comedian Steve Hofstetter has gone a little bit viral this week after posting a video of himself shutting down a heckler on YouTube.

The LA-based comedian claimed a man in the audience was disgruntled because his set involved support for women's rights, so he proceeded to destroy him with words in front of his two daughters.

"You have daughters? And I was standing up for women's rights, and you got offended by that," Hofstetter told the heckler. "That's fucked up dude."

The man's response was supposedly because Hofstetter was calling out people who hate on ESPN sports analyst Jessica Mendoza for being a woman.

"People ask me why I care about this stuff," he said later in the show.

"As it turns out, I actually have a genetic history of women in my family... My grandmother was a woman, my mother was a woman. It skipped a generation with me, which doesn't make sense, but if I have a daughter, I bet she'd be one, because I'm a carrier."

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