07/02/2017 15:20 GMT

Bloggers Are Using Condoms To Apply Foundation, And We Don't Know What To Think Anymore

That latex finish though.

When you think of condoms, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t rubbing one all over your face before you leave the house.

But this is 2017 and in this brave new world, the rules of common sense don’t apply anymore.

As beauty bloggers are using the latex product as the latest way to try and apply their foundation (preferably without the spermicide gel).


Laila Tahri, from the Netherlands, shares the (somewhat interesting) technique with her YouTube fans, as an alternative to the Silisponge makeup applicator - made popular because it doesn’t waste any of your product.

Because, as much as we all love our beauty blenders, we’ll be the first to admit that the sponge absorbing 90% of our foundation is pretty inconvenient when we are feeling poor. 

And Tahri’s logic is that the condom will stop the liquid from being absorbed, but still provide the same functionality. 

She starts by washing off the lubricant (although primer properties for the win) and then gets to work.

With surprisingly seamless results.

And Tahri isn’t the only one, YouTuber BeautyVixxen has also tried out the makeup hack and her verdict was positively glowing.

She said: “Surprisingly I am in love with the results and outcome, if you aren’t scared to try it out I totally recommend it. Sadly it’s a condom and not a real beauty sponge.”