Tory Anger As Party Uses BBC Presenter's 'Middle Finger' Gaffe To Attack Labour

Conservative divisions laid bare as headquarters deploying the meme is described as "beneath us" by one MP.
Screengrab of the Conservative Party tweet.
Screengrab of the Conservative Party tweet.

The Conservative Party has been described as “childish and dumb” after using a viral image of a BBC News presenter giving the middle finger live on air to attack Labour.

Maryam Moshiri went viral after raising her middle finger to the camera just as a news bulletin began on Wednesday.

She later apologised if she “offended or upset anyone” and explained that she was “joking around a bit with the team in the gallery”.

The image became a meme to such an extent that on Thursday the Conservative Party – which governs the country – seized on it to have a dig at Labour amid the chaos surrounding Rishi Sunak’s immigration policy.

The post on X/Twitter from the Tories said: “Labour when you ask for their plans to tackle illegal migration.”

But the message seemed to go down badly with some Tory MPs.

Alicia Kearns wrote: “Amazed this has not – despite requests – been taken down, it is beneath us.” Tobias Ellwood said: “Please delete this post.”

But at least one MP on the right of the party took an opposing view. “I approve this message,” wrote Jonathan Gullis.

In any case, it became a social media talking point.


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