Parents Given £75 'Fines' When Kids Used Potties In Public By Fake Enforcement Officer

When they've got to go, they've got to go.

Parents have been issued with £75 "potty fines" when their toddlers needed the toilet in public by a fake enforcement officer.

The news comes after a mum from Colwyn Bay in Wales, who wished not to be named, paid £75 to the officer before making a complaint to Conwy Council.

The fake officer said the fine was for "allowing her child to urinate in public", according to the Daily Post.

A spokesperson for the council confirmed they had received further reports from parents of a “bogus enforcement officer”.

deucee_ via Getty Images

The spokesperson for the council said they employed "Kingdom enforcement officers" to hand out fines on behalf of Conwy Council for dog fouling and to anyone caught littering.

They said they had not issued fines for parents using potties.

It emerged that the enforcement officer was a fraudster with no authority to issue these fines.

"If you are approached, please do not hand over any money," the spokesperson told BBC News.

They urged parents to ask any enforcement officers who are giving them a fine to see an official identification card or to immediately call the council.