This Kitchen Cupboard Essential Is About To Make Shovelling Snow So Much Easier

The science is pretty interesting.
Alex Walker via Getty Images

You don’t need to open an app or switch on your TV to know that it’s, to use a technical term, bloody freezing right now.

And it’s probably not escaped your attention that the ice and frost that can build up on your car, roads, and gardens can sometimes be seriously disruptive.

In fact, sporting events have already been cancelled under the current snowy conditions ― drivers have been warned of roads becoming ’ice rinks.’

So, shovelling snow might become a part of your morning routine over the next couple of days. But it turns out that there’s a simple, cheap trick to keep your shovel blade smooth ― simply spray some cooking oil onto the base.


In short, it’s a simple case of lubrication.

Oil freezes at a much lower temperature than water, so it won’t seize up in cold weather ― unlike water-based alternatives.

So, using cooking spray, vegetable oil, or wax on your spade before you start shovelling snow can help it to slide through the snow and ice faster than it would otherwise, without running the risk of getting stuck.

“If the snow begins to stick to the shovel, it is time to reapply the spray or oil. It is best to apply it before every use,” AccuWeather adds.

Any other tips?

Yes! Wearing thick socks over your shows can provide extra grip, meaning you’re less likely to slip and slide on ice and snow.

And while we’re speaking about footwear, stuffing your shoes with newspaper after heavy snow exposure can help them to dry out faster and maintain their shape.

We’ve written before about how rubbing a cut potato over your windshield the night freezing temps take hold can lead to condensation-free glass in the morning (yes, really).

Most of all though, stay as warm and as safe as possible during the cold blast (ah, UK weather...).