20/05/2016 13:37 BST

Cornwall Police Apologise For Naked Woman Sandcastle Branded 'Very Offensive'

'I'm offended that other people are offended.'

A police force has apologised after its officers made a sandcastle crime scene featuring a naked dead woman as part of a competition that was later branded "very offensive". 

Devon and Cornwall Police were criticised after officers created a sprawled out murder victim surrounded by police tape and then tweeted pictures of it having claimed victory. 

The sculpture was made as part of the Cornwall Beach Games, but Labour councillor Hannah Toms said it was in "poor taste". 

Truro Police

The force later said the competition was a "fun event" and officers had not intended to cause any offence. 

Toms acknowledged officers had intended to be "light-hearted" but told the BBC the sandcastle "somewhat misses the mark and is in a bit of poor taste".

She said given it was a family beach, the naked sculpture was inappropriate. 

"As a parent I would not be very happy to explain to my child what it was all about.

"It's trivialising quite a serious matter."

Toms added: "I think there's a level of sexual stereotyping with the large bottom and the large breasts. Police have been working really hard to break down barriers on reporting sex crimes and I don't think this image really helps their cause."

Reaction on social media has largely centered around Toms comments. 

Hazel Jago wrote on Facebook: "So it's a team of police officers representing the type of work they deal with. What's the problem!? There is always someone that will whinge about something."

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police told the broadcaster: "If any offence has been cause by the nature of the sculpture, this was never intended and we apologise for that."