18/12/2018 11:10 GMT

Coronation Street’s Kate Connor Baby Twist Has Not Gone Down Well

Viewers are unhappy with the fact Kate, a lesbian, appeared to "change her sexuality".

ITV Pictures
Rana and Kate's engagement is on the rocks 

‘Coronation Street’ viewers have been left disappointed by one of the show’s latest twists, which saw Kate Connor sleep with Adam Barlow in a bid to get pregnant.

Kate (Faye Brooks) cheated on her fiancée Rana Habeeb (Bhavna Limbachia), after finding out she might not want children in the future, which left viewers both angry and heartbroken.

Specifically, many fans are unhappy with the fact Kate — who has previously identified as a lesbian — appeared to have “changed her sexuality”:

Another Twitter user took aim at producer Iain MacLeod, blaming him for the storyline. 

“The portrayal of the struggles lesbian couples have to get pregnant has been atrocious,” they wrote. “At no point has Kate ever shown a sexual interest in men or a want to have a baby. Why the sudden rush?”

Iain took over as executive producer of ‘Corrie’ earlier this year, following Kate Oates’ move to the BBC. 

Prior to this, he was in charge at ‘Emmerdale’ and also put in a stint as boss of Channel 4′s ‘Hollyoaks’.