'Coronation Street' Fans Praise Lucy Fallon As Bethany Platt Opens Up To Craig Tinker

'A powerful and brave performance.'

‘Coronation Street’ fans took to Twitter to praise Lucy Fallon on Wednesday (12 July) night, following emotional scenes between her character, Bethany Platt, and Craig Tinker.

Bethany has suffered sexual abuse at the hands of Nathan Curtis, a man she trusted and called her “boyfriend”, and his friends, who include Craig’s police colleague Neil Clifton.

Viewers have previously seen Bethany struggle to accept and process what has happened to her and up until now, she hadn’t told anyone about Neil’s involvement.

Lucy has been praised for her performance throughout this storyline, and the scene earned her more plaudits from viewers:

Since working on the plot, Lucy has also been vocal about real world changes that could be made to protect teenagers from grooming and sex abuse.

Speaking in April, she called for social media age limits, explaining that the storyline has “changed how I feel about social media”.

”I think it’s changed my opinion on when I have a child if it’s a boy or a girl and how I feel about them being on social media from such a young age,” she said. “I think that shouldn’t be allowed. There should be an older age limit. I think it should be 16.”

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