12/09/2017 12:45 BST

'Coronation Street': New Set Will Give Viewers Extended Look At Weatherfield

'It's nice to see a community feel.'

‘Coronation Street’ boss Kate Oates has shared further details about new changes to the show’s set, revealing we’re about to see more of Weatherfield than ever before.

Earlier this year, plans were put in motion for the ‘Corrie’ set to be extended to almost twice its current size, with speculation at the time this would allow viewers to see more of the oft-mentioned Tile Street and Viaduct Street.

Kate has now teased ‘Corrie’ fans with more of what they can expect, including “a couple of new businesses” establishments, restaurants and a fresh outdoor area for the characters to explore.

Trafford Council
The initial plans for the 'Corrie' set

She told What’s On TV: “There will be a couple of new businesses and we’re going to have a little park area.

“So not everything will happen at the Red Rec… sometimes we say in the story office that if Maxine hadn’t died where would people go to think - because it is Maxine’s bench where people have their pensive moments.”

Kate added: “There may also be another eatery with a different kind of vibe. We have already got the cafe and bistro. It’s nice to see a community feel.

“It does well for social dynamics if you’ve got people who were friends who are now colleagues or someone is someone’s boss. It always adds a nice energy.”

Kate Oates on the 'Corrie' set

The new set isn’t the only big change coming to ‘Coronation Street’, the country’s longest-running soap opera, which will be starting to air six episodes a week later this year.

To accommodate this new filming schedule, it’s thought the soap will be introducing a slew of new characters too.

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