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‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: Fans Have A Seriously Dark Daniel Barlow Theory

Surely not?!

‘Coronation Street’ fans have a rather dark theory about Daniel Barlow, which is possible linked to Rob Mallard’s recent comment that he thinks his character would be capable of murder.

Ever since Daniel arrived in Weatherfield at the tail end of 2016, it’s been clear that he’s hiding something and a number of fans think they’ve worked out what it is: The truth about his mum.

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Is Sinead dating a killer? 

Daniel has barely mentioned his mum since moving back to t’cobbles, but on Wednesday (1 March) night, he gave Sinead Tinker a necklace, telling her “it belonged to my mum”.

When Sinead then told her new boyfriend that she hopes to meet her potential mother-in-law one day, he shut the conversation down pretty quickly, which has led fans to come a conclusion that would seem a little daft if this wasn’t Soapland… Did Daniel murder his mother?

While there aren’t exactly any proper clues yet, we have already seen Daniel’s nasty side on a number of occasions and, of course, there are those comments from actor Rob.

“He looks like butter wouldn’t melt but there is so much more going on underneath, I think it’s brilliant,” he recently said. “Ask some murderers in prison whether there were any warning signs before they killed and they’ll say no, it just happened, something switched in them and they turned into a killer.

“Daniel could be a killer, I absolutely think he’s got that in him because he’s had to assume an adult role from an early age so he’s sat on his own development.”

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