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‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: Peter Barlow Actor Chris Gascoyne Reveals How He's At The Centre Of 'Corrie' October Drama

'Peter's there for less than 24 hours when disaster strikes.'

It’s not just ‘Emmerdale’ bosses who have big plans for next week, and over in ‘Coronation Street’, a series of life-changing events will spell trouble for two of Weatherfield’s most-loved families.

The first is the Barlows, and it all begins when Peter makes his (not-so-welcome) return to the Street.

We caught with up Chris Gascoyne to find out more about what happens. 

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Chris Gascoyne has reprised his role

Ken is immediately suspicious when Peter claims to have simply lost his job, and his fears appear to be confirmed when he notices the cut on his face, and the fact he’s been sneaking out in the night.

But when he tackles him in the early hours of the morning, things take an unexpected - and top secret - turn.

Chris told us: “Things change very quickly... Peter’s there for less than 24 hours, when disaster strikes.

“He’ll get blamed for that. Is it his fault? It’s open to debate. Has he caused it? Who knows? But it was very good to shoot, and good to work with Bill [Roache] again. I always enjoy that.” 

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Leanne is shocked to see Peter, and scolds him for arguing with Ken

Of course, Peter also has his own son to deal with, and it’s fair to say he’s let him down more than a few times over the years. 

Could we finally see him reconnect with Simon? 

“He tries, he’s not always a bad dad,” Chris said. “He could be better, yes, and actions speak louder than words. That’s been proven and he’s doing great [at that].

“But there’s a lovely scene coming up, that’s brilliantly written. It’s Peter trying to tell Simon to express himself, and he can’t do it. He can’t tell him how much he loves him. 

“I always think he’s [Simon] the only thing Peter’s got in his life that he’s got, and he’s terrified to mess that kid up... He’s done a good job though!”

While viewers will have to tune in to see exactly what happens, bosses are promising that there’ll be plenty of action, and it’s not just the Barlows who face a particularly turbulent time.

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Tracy isn't pleased when Ken surprises the family by announcing that he is going travelling 

The Platts will also face more than their fair share of problems, thanks to David, who is still determined to get revenge for the death of his wife Kylie.

In his quest to avenge her murder, David will push his family to the brink - can Gail save her son from himself?

Watch Chris’s interview in the video above.

These ‘Coronation Street’ episodes air from Monday 25 October.

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