15 Times The British Public Took On Corporate Twitter And Won

WARNING: Contains adult themes

Take a minute and spare a thought for those folk whose job it is to deal with the public via Twitter.

Just think of the poor soul manning the Southern Rail account during this week’s strikes...

Anyway, enough of that.

Feel sorry no more and instead bask in the glory of what are the 15 most incredible Twitter interactions between the British public and corporate communications.

(WARNING: Contains adult themes)

1) This understated reptile reaction

2) Zac, not messing about

3) Oh my lordy...


4) Sharon bailed pretty sharpish

5) Sharon’s back

6) Get in your box Natwest

7) Does this happen a lot on public transport?

8) Yeah Yodel, WTF is this?

9) Don’t say another word Brian

10) Mandy’s fine, she’s just high

11) This gracious climbdown

12) He’s got the Power

13) Puntastic

14) Handle checks out

15) It’s Brian again