Costa's Christmas Drinks Menu Is Missing A Festive Favourite And People Are Furious

'I'm so mad.'

Costa has released its new Christmas drinks menu and the much-loved white hot chocolate didn’t make the cut.

As a result, the internet is having something of a meltdown.

Claire Canavagh tweeted that the news had “broken” her, while another added that Christmas is now “ruined”.

Judging by some of the responses, life (for some) will never be the same again.

Despite the lack of white hot chocolate, Costa still has quite an extensive menu this year.

In addition to the gingerbread latte, black forest hot chocolate and honeycomb latte, there is also a Lindt hot chocolate, toasted marshmallow hot chocolate, salted caramel cappuccino and mint hot chocolate with elf-sized candy cane.

In light of the news surrounding a certain type of hot chocolate being missing, one man claiming to be an employee took to Twitter to say Costa baristas can make white hot chocolate all year round - it’s just not on the menu.

The guy called Aaron tweeted: “Laughing at everyone freaking out that Costa isn’t doing the White Hot Chocolate. We still do it, I’ve been drinking it all year at work.”

The Huffington Post UK has reached out to Costa to clarify and is currently waiting to hear back.