Goodbye Shaving Rash – Could Oil Be The Answer To Silky Soft Pubes?

A-listers such as Emma Watson swear by it.
A woman in a bath robe spends some time moisturising her hands. She drops some cosmetic oil from a pipette onto the palm of her hand.
Catherine Falls Commercial via Getty Images
A woman in a bath robe spends some time moisturising her hands. She drops some cosmetic oil from a pipette onto the palm of her hand.

Hair and face oiling have become the topic du jour in the beauty world, but there’s a new trend that caught our attention - intimate hair oiling.

Yes, well, if oiling the hair on our head works, why shouldn’t it down below?

Old-school beauty pros recommend banishing ingrown hairs by using a moisturising shave cream and sharp razor while shaving, then applying aloe vera or coconut oil as a follow-up.

And it’s something actress Emma Watson swears by.

“...I use Fur Oil,” Watson told Into the Gloss. “I’ll use that anywhere from the ends of my hair to my eyebrows to my pubic hair. It’s an amazing all-purpose product.”

Made of nine natural oils including grape seed, jojoba, tea tree and clary sage seed, Fur Oil can apparently be used “as frequently as desired to enhance pubic hair and skin.”

But will oiling our pubes actually make them (and our delicate skin) nice and soft?

We spoke to Vicki Engsall, co-founder of bestselling The Jojoba Company (they make some seriously silky-skin inducing products) to get the low down on whether we need an oil down under.

Well, good news, oil does actually stop your skin getting as irritated after a wax of shave.

According to Engsall: “Using an oil or wax ester is perfect for anyone who waxes, shaves or has laser on their intimate region, to prevent the skin from becoming irritated or from developing infections such as folliculitis. Just one to two drops of it after washing can ease any discomfort down there.

“Oils can even help prevent infection, soften the pubic hair, and give you a better feeling without making your intimate area wet or greasy.”

And before you even think about it, put the bottle of conditioner down (yes, we’ve all done it) – it’s seriously not good for your skin or pubes.

Engsall explains: “Many people rely on their usual hair conditioner to treat their intimate hair, however, the resulting greasiness and moisture from using them can turn your intimate area into a breeding ground for bacteria and infection.”

So why does everyone love jojoba oil so much? Well, turns it out it’s a bit of a miracle oil in that it doesn’t leave you greasy and softens hair and skin quickly.

“Jojoba is ideal for the intimate region, because it quickly absorbs into the delicate skin and hair in this area and softens both. It also doesn’t stain your clothes or underwear,” Engsall shares.

“Jojoba is the superior to using an oil for this purpose as it is the closest botanical match to our skin’s own natural oil and is not an oil but a liquid wax.”

Need more convincing? You’re reading the words of a pube-oil convert.

My go-to? Oyo Skincare’s The Final Touch – I’ve not had a shaving rash in months thanks to this magic bottle of pube oil.

And no surprises, it’s packed full of jojoba oil!

So our verdict? Whether you’re packing a bush or brazilian, oiling your genital area is the best way to keep skin and hair soft and supple.