‘Countdown’ Delivers Laughs With Two Saucy Words That You Wouldn't Expect To Find In The Dictionary


It’s not big or clever, but having a good giggle at a rude word on ‘Countdown’ is just one of those things that’s unavoidable.

While we’re normally lucky to get one rude moment to have a cheeky snigger at, the show delivered two silly moments during Thursday’s episode, thanks to words that we definitely didn’t think we’d find in the dictionary.

The first came courtesy of Susie Dent over in Dictionary Corner, when she revealed that one of the highest scoring words in a round:

“We apologise for this one in advance,” she told the contestants and presenter Nick Hewer. “It’s in the dictionary and we’re only saying it because it gets you one letter further: shithead.”

It got even - how shall we say it? - more interesting though, in a later round, when Rachel spelled out a winning word that surely left many viewers spitting out their tea:

We’re saying nothing.

Obviously, this isn’t the first time a blush-inducing word has made its way onto the show, but let’s not forget what happened in October 2016, when Nick Hewer was left red-faced after asking Rachel Riley if she was “gagging for a hard one”. There are no words.

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