Courteney Cox Treats Friends Fans To A Recreation Of Iconic Turkey Scene In Honour Of Thanksgiving

"Since I’m the symbol of Thanksgiving, here you go," she joked.

Courteney Cox got into the Thanksgiving spirit this year by recreating one of her most memorable Friends scenes.

However, it sounds like she might have done it rather begrudgingly.

In a video posted on her Instagram, Courteney told her followers: “Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I hope you’re having a great day.

“I’m feeling so thankful. And also… if I get one more goddamn gif with a turkey on my head, dancing like a ******* fool, I’m just going to snap.”

Courteney, of course, is referring to an infamous moment during the fifth season of Friends, where Monica puts a turkey on her head (as well as some novelty sunglasses and a fez) and does a bit of dancing in an attempt to cheer Chandler up.

In fact, let’s just remind ourselves of the moment in question…

Truly iconic.

In the 22 years since it first aired, the scene has become ubiquitous at this time of year, but it seems the actor has had enough of seeing it – which is perhaps why she felt like updating it for 2020.

“So anyway,” she added. “Since I’m the symbol of Thanksgiving, here you go. Hope it makes you happy.”

The post caught the attention of Courteney’s co-star Lisa Kudrow, who joked: “You DID THAT!”

It was announced earlier this year that the cast of Friends would be coming together for a one-off special, but it’s been delayed multiple times as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fortunately for fans of the much-loved series, it looks like the wheels are in motion for the reunion, with Matthew Perry tweeting recently that filming was due to take place in March 2021.


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