Courtney Act Announces Details Of Channel 4 'Dragazine' Show

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' winner is back!

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ star Courtney Act has announced details of her own Channel 4 show.

The ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ winner will host a new “dragazine” talk show that will air in a late-night slot.

<strong>Courtney Act</strong>
Courtney Act
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It will feature a mixture of celebrity guests, studio items and music numbers, blended with Courtney’s trademark wit and wisdom.

She said: “This is my show and I say come on in, all you heroic misfits, those of you who are a bit chipped around the edges…I want to welcome you all.

“You bring the open minds and I’ll bring the open bar and we’ll meet in the middle for a gay old time!”

Courtney - also known as Shane Janek - won the hearts of the nation after winning the last series of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ in February, where she went head-to-head with former Tory MP Ann Widdecombe on a number of LBGT+ issues.

<strong>Courtney was last on screen when she won 'Celebrity Big Brother' earlier this year</strong>
Courtney was last on screen when she won 'Celebrity Big Brother' earlier this year
Channel 5

Prior to that, she competed on the sixth season of ‘Drag Race’, where she and Adore Delano finished runners-up to Bianca Del Rio.

Courtney is also currently touring her show ‘Under The Covers’ across the UK.

‘The Courtney Act Show’ will air on Channel 4 later this year.


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