17/07/2018 10:11 BST | Updated 17/07/2018 14:36 BST

Croc Heels: The Contradictory Shoe You Don't Need

Oh no.

Crocs are not the type of shoe many gush over. They’re not sparkly nor trendy, but they are known for comfort. The clunkiness of the Croc makes it almost the anti-heel... that was until the croc heel made its clunky entrance.


The Cyprus heel is made for Croc lovers who want to feel as comfortable as they do when gardening, when heading to a party.


The rise of the “ugly shoe” can be seen in luxury fashion houses like Christopher Kane making the gem encrusted crocs and Balenciaga creating kitsch croc flatforms. And Crocs must be on to something, as the style with 9cm rubber high heels is currently sold out on its website, but is available for prices ranging from £37 to £278 on Amazon.

So you can dance all night without ever feeling the need to sit down, but maybe it’s best to wear a long maxi dress or skirt to cover your feet - for street cred’s sake.