27/02/2017 12:51 GMT

Crystal Palace Fans Cause '£40,000 Worth Of Damage' By Vandalising Their Own Team's Bus By Mistake


Crystal Palace's team coach was vandalised before Saturday's clash with  Middlesbrough

Crystal Palace’s team coach reportedly suffered £40,000 worth of damage after it was mistakenly vandalised by their own fans. 

Police are said to be investigating after ‘Crystal Palace’ was spray painted across the team’s vehicle hours before Saturday’s clash with Middlesbrough. 

Vandals had mistakenly believed the bus had belonged to their rivals. 

The team’s assistant head groundsman, Dean Waters, tweeted: “£40,000 worth of damage on our coach thinking it was the Boro coach. Nice one!”

Palace had to use a replacement coach to travel to Selhurst Park, the Evening Standard reported. 

Despite the incident, Crystal Palace went on to secure a win over their relegation rivals. 

The club is yet to comment on the vandalism, which was greeted with some amusement on social media.