5 Cute Animals To End The Week: Alpaca Strolls Into Opticians For A Quiet Mooch

Should've gone to Specsavers, babes.

This week we were shocked to hear the tale (or should we say tail) of Lilly the cat who disappeared for a decade. Understandably, her owners assumed they’d never see her again.

But it turns out Lilly was living the high life down the road – just 400 yards away – with a man who believed she was a stray cat.

The mischievous mog was reunited with her original owner after the guy decided he didn’t want her anymore and asked vets to check her microchip. “I was crying my eyes out when I saw her again, I just gave her a big cuddle,” owner Alex Elliott told SWNS.

If that isn’t the most feline thing ever, we don’t know what it is. Anyway, onwards and upwards – here are five cute animals to end the week.

1. Cat Won’t Stop Jumping Over The Floor

Leapfrog the black cat is a little jumpy, to say the least. Every time she crosses the threshold between the kitchen and the rest of the house, she springs over the join in the floor.

Now, the family leaves obstacles in Leapfrog’s way – but she still manages to scale them. That cat has some built-in springs or something.

2. Glenn Close’s Dog Has Instagram

This is giving us life. Sir Pippin Of Beanfield (great name) is a Havanese dog who also happens to be the “favourite son” of actor Glenn Close, according to his Instagram bio. Just look at his little face.

Sir Pippin’s Instagram game is strong. Here’s one of our fave snaps, perfectly captioned: “Pip with a pearl earring”. Iconic.

3. Cat Finally Confirms Its Name

Well, its owner did. Erika Strong tweeted to say she often stares out her window at work and spies a cat sitting opposite. She and a colleague stuck a note up on their window asking what the beautiful moggy’s name was, and received a reply. World, meet Marshall.

Or as one funny Twitter user put it: “Marshall Meowthers”.

4. Dog Is The Cutest Ring-Bearer

He’s practising for his owner’s wedding and is acing it already. Look at those sparkly I-would-die-for-you eyes. What a good boy.

5. An Alpaca Walked Into A Bar An Opticians

Big news from the small French town of Hennebont in Brittany: an alpaca walked into an opticians to have a butchers at the spectacles on display.

Employee Helene told Le Telegramme newspaper: “We saw him walk past the shop, he stopped in front of the automatic doors that opened, and he walked in very quietly. He was not at all aggressive, he was just doing his thing.” You do you, alpaca.