Cyclist Jeremy Santucci Snaps Bike In Two After Red Hook Criterium Crash In Milan

Sometimes it all just gets a bit much.

This is the moment the frustration of a race got the better of one cyclist.

Jeremy Santucci was taking part in the Red Hook Criterium in Milan, Italy, when he was involved in a crash along with a number of other cyclists.

Santucci said he hit a wall at 38mph during the pileup.

Hobbling along afterwards while carrying his badly damaged bike, Santucci looked furious.

He finally vented his frustration by slamming his bicycle to the ground where it snapped clean in half.

It later transpired that the bike didn’t even belong to Santucci but had been borrowed from a friend.

In a post on Instagram, Santucci apologised for his actions.

He said: “I would like to publicly apologise for my unsportsmanlike conduct.

“The bike was totalled before the toss and I was lucky to walk away alive, my emotions were running high and I was not in my present mind.

“I gave my friend my whole complete bike to help make this right.”

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