22/02/2017 10:39 GMT

Dad Appeals To Internet To Find 'Star Wars' Macaroni Cheese For Son With Autism Who Won't Eat Anything Else

The response was pretty incredible.

A dad appealed to the internet for advice to find some ‘Star Wars’ shaped macaroni cheese for his son with autism who wouldn’t eat anything else.

Reed Botwright, from Columbia, said his son had gravitated towards the ‘Star Wars Kraft Dinner’, but they couldn’t find any left in store.

“This cutey here, Everett, is a truly unique little dude,” Botwright wrote on Facebook. “He’s on the autism spectrum and one of his quirks revolves around food. He doesn’t eat much, if anything, at all.

“But he loves this stuff! But here’s the rub: we bought a tonne of this, all we could find, at the local Walmart. Here is Everett holding the last box we could find - this is where we need your help.” 

Botwright said he was “desperate” and asked his friends and family to share the post to see if anyone could find any more.

“See it in a store? Tell us, and we’ll go there! Have some left over? Send it to us, we’ll pay,” he wrote.

“Know someone who works at the Kraft factory? Don’t do anything illegal, but if a box just happens to fall off of a truck, I know a redhead who would be very happy. All kidding aside, anything you can do to help is hugely appreciated.”

It wasn’t long before hundreds of people commented on the post offering to send Botwright and his son their boxes of the ‘Star Wars’ dinner.

One woman explained that she’d contacted Kraft, the manufacturer, to alert them of the story.

Kraft then replied on the Facebook post: “We heard about your special quest to find Star Wars KD and we’d like to help. Can you please send us a private message with your address so we can follow up with you?”

Botwright later updated his Facebook status to add: “UPDATE: We have more than enough Star Wars Kraft Dinner to last Everett until he goes to college.

Real Canadian Superstore was able to track down over 400 boxes for us, and Kraft Canada - what’s cooking has another 12 cases (144 boxes) on their way.

“Thank you everyone who sent boxes, well-wishes, suggestions and their love. You are all so amazing.”

He shared a photo of his son with all the Kraft dinner deliveries that were coming in. What a cutie. 

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