Dad Builds Rollercoaster In Back Garden For Toddler And It Is Awesome

'Thank you Wyatt, for letting me be a kid again.'

A guy may have just won the award for the coolest dad this year after he built a rollercoaster for his son... in his back garden.

Scott Brazelton, from the US, called the creation his most “eccentric, out there project yet” for his three-year-old son Wyatt.

“After taking Wyatt to Disneyland and seeing how much he loved riding rollercoasters at the ripe age of three, I decided to build him his own at our place,” the dad wrote on YouTube on 26 February.

“If the neighbours could see, they’d definitely think I was nuts.”


Brazelton filmed his son’s first ever ride on his very own rollercoaster, which had a rocket-style seat for him to sit in.

Just look how impressive it is.


Wyatt loved the ride so much he screamed the whole journey and shouted “again, again” as soon as it was over.

“Thank you to my wonderful wife Brittany for being so supportive of my crazy projects,” Brazelton wrote.

“Thank you Wyatt, for letting me be a kid again. Your smiles are worth all of the injuries and four-letter expletives that go along with projects like this.

“I’d also like to thank Paul Gregg of for his one-on-one advisement.”

And by the look of Wyatt’s face, all the hard work was worth it.


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