Dad Delivered Son On His Front Garden After His Wife Felt The Baby's 'Head Sliding Out'

The moment was captured in an adorable photo 💓.

The incredible moment a dad managed to deliver his baby on his front garden was caught on camera.

His wife Candace Marie, from Florida, US, had been experiencing cramps through the night but assumed it was Braxton Hicks or false labour.

However when she woke up in the morning, her waters broke.

“As we headed out our house, I felt the baby’s head sliding out of me,” Marie wrote on Facebook on Saturday 15 October.

“Yep! Tony delivered our son, Gannicus Ezra, at 8.23am on our front lawn!”

The new mum said when they got to the front garden, she’d told her partner the baby’s head was emerging.

“He told me it wasn’t, so because I couldn’t see down there he pulled my pants down and saw as far as his eyes,” she told Popsugar.

“He immediately told me to lie on the grass and started coaching me to push and take deep breaths.”

Baby Gannicus was delivered “within minutes”.

Marie shared a photo of her husband cradling their newborn shortly after he was born. She also shared a photo of their son when they got to hospital.

Marie continued, on her Facebook post: “He’s as beautiful and healthy as ever! The paramedics arrived shortly after and cut the umbilical cord.

“Thank God that we made it safely to the hospital now, though.”

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