Parenting Hack: Dad's Brilliant Prank Will Stop Kids Sneaking Out Of Their Bedrooms

We'd love to see the kids' faces 😂

A dad who was fed up with his kids sneaking out of their bedrooms decided to plan a prank that would stop them doing it ever again.

A photo of his prank was posted on the Life of Dad Facebook page on Monday 19 June, showing two party poppers sellotaped to the outside of the door.

We just wish there was a video of the kids’ reaction when they tried to sneak out.

“Bet they think twice before trying it the second time,” one person wrote. “This is one I’m going to try when my boys are older. Brilliant.”

Although one dad noted a flaw in the prank, commenting: “That’s why I always snuck out of the house by going out the window.”

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