5 Easy Exercise Hacks That Actually Work

It is not cheating...

Even if you didn’t make any fitness-related New Year’s Resolutions, we all hope this will be the year that we finally fall in love with salad and get the body of our dreams.

While we can’t promise you that, we can make it a little easier with these 5 exercise hacks, that will help you get motivated when you’d really rather just stay in and binge-watch Netflix.

1. Exercise at the weekend.

New research has revealed that cramming all your exercise into the weekend has almost the same health benefits as spreading it evenly throughout the week. And you can turn it into a brunch date afterwards. Win win.

2. Pick a fun or alternative class.

Lots of us forget that any type of movement is good for our bodies, it doesn’t have to be tough cardio. In fact, a study showed that Zumba is actually better at burning calories than other more traditional exercise classes.

So get Beyoncé on those speakers.

3. Remember as little as 2.5 hours can make a difference.

That’s right, you don’t need to be chained to the treadmill for hours on end, as little as 30 minutes every weekday can be enough to offset some of the health risks associated with boozing, say scientists. Dangle that glass of Prosecco like the fizzy carrot that it is.

4. Get a workout buddy.

A study has found that if you exercise with a friend you are more likely to train for longer (and 64% of us will train harder). Not only that but you are less likely to find an excuse to miss a session, which we all need on a cold dark winter morning.

5. Take frequent breaks from your desk.

It might seem like a last resort to start lunging in front of your colleagues, but even just spending more time standing in the office (as opposed to exercising) can help you lose weight.

A study on a group of office workers by the Mayo Clinic showed that standing to stretch, or walking to the toilet, makes a huge difference over a long period. Offer to do a round of tea and we’re sure no one will mind you taking more frequent breaks.